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    As a young worker, you have the right to a safe and healthful work environment. You also have a responsibility to understand procedures and safety rules, and to be mindful of co-workers’ safety. The resources below offer great information for learning more about how to work safely and honor the culture of safety your co-workers and employer work hard to establish.

    Getting Started:

    Getting hurt on the job can cost you money, a career, your health or even your life. Fortunately, most workplace accidents are pretty easy to avoid. Here are five things that should keep you from becoming another young worker statistic.
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    • Know your rights. Safety training, appropriate safety gear, a safe floor to walk on – these are just a few of your employer’s responsibilities.
    • Ask questions. Any employer worth working for wants you to be safe and do the job right. Asking questions can ensure that both happen.
    • Follow the rules. Every work hour, every work day. Safety rules aren’t meant to bug you – they’re written by people who genuinely want to keep you from getting hurt.
    • Get schooled on equipment. Your employer is required by law to give you training on any piece of equipment. No one’s going to blame you for not being fully trained when you first start a job.
    • Be alert. Think about what you’re doing. With each task, remember what to watch for. Keep an eye out for your co-worker’s safety. If you see something dangerous, stop. Put everything on hold for a few minutes. Speak up.