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    Agricultural Safety

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    When your workplace is one of the many farms or fields in Montana, the dangers you face aren’t just numerous, they’re life-threatening. That’s because we can control fewer elements of agricultural work. Weather. Livestock. Terrain. Nature is powerful, and the machines we use to manage it are enormous and technical. All of this requires a heightened awareness of risks and a willingness to take the few extra minutes to make the task at hand as safe as possible. The agriculture “safety culture” in our state is becoming stronger every year, which means it’s okay to speak up, take a minute and be smart about how the work of tending land and raising animals gets done. Read on for more safety info on handling livestock, working with electricity, using chemicals, maintaining manure pits and more.

    Getting Started:

    farmers inspecting fieldPrioritizing safety in an ag workplace can seem daunting. Where do you start? Improve training or upgrade equipment? Should we evaluate emergency response or daily tasks? What’s the best safety bang for the buck? The closer you look, the more questions you find. With limited time and resources, you need a road map for how to tackle these questions and make real progress. That’s where our Farm Safety Assessment comes in. Categorized by topic and operation, it’s a methodical and simple way to assess the risks you and your team face. You can complete it all at once or divide and conquer. Either way, it’s an essential tool to help you develop a realistic action plan for safety. Here’s a glimpse at the kinds of questions you’ll find in our guide.

    • Is a five-pound minimum ABC-type fire extinguisher available on each tractor?
    • Are livestock gates in good, safe working order for livestock and workers?
    • On tillage and planting equipment, are guards in place around belts, pulleys, shafts, chains and PTOs?
    • Are chemicals stored away from livestock feed supplies?

    Download the sample farm assessment to start your own today.