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    Being a builder comes with endless opportunities to get a little broken down yourself. And while the construction industry has come a long way in improving the safety of its workers, injuries are still common – and many of them are preventable.

    While each trade has its own distinct safety measures, as a contractor, site foreman or crew lead, you can take a high-level view of job site safety and save an arm and a leg on injuries … and actual arms and legs (and eyes and ears too). Get started with a regular safety-specific walk-through of your job site(s). You might be surprised at how many small upgrades you can make with little time or expense.


    Regular safety meetings are a great way to begin tackling safety on your job sites. They don’t have to be formal or lengthy. Starting out, you don’t even need an agenda. The simple act of talking about safety on a regular basis makes it top of mind for your crew. When people talk about safety, they work more safely. And chances are they’ve noticed dangers first-hand and have ideas for mitigating them. Start by setting a standing weekly time for a safety discussion. Not only will it help protect your company and your bottom line from costly injuries, it’ll likely improve company culture and key intangibles like employee satisfaction and retention (which impact work quality). Once you’ve established a regular meeting, you can begin planning more topic-specific safety discussions and even ask members of your team to lead meetings.