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    Personal Protective Equipment

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    Personal Protective Equipment – hard hats, safety goggles, hearing protection, gloves, work boots, high-visibility vests and other equipment – does more than just make it look like you mean business. PPE can also keep you from experiencing painful and debilitating on-the-job injuries.

    One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to PPE, however. In order to get the most protection from your equipment, it’s important to know how to choose the correct gear for your work, make sure it fits properly and confirm it’s in good working condition.

    Check out the video, safety tips and resources here to make sure your protective equipment does its job so that you can keep doing yours.

    Getting Started:

    helmet gloves and eye protectionWhile there are many types of PPE, the selection guidelines apply across the board:

    • First, become familiar with the potential hazards of a given job and the type of protective equipment available.
    • Compare the hazards associated with the job (impact velocities, chemical hazards, noise levels and temperatures) with the capabilities of the available protective equipment.
    • Select the protective equipment that ensures a level of protection greater than the minimum required to protect employees from the hazards.
    • Fit the user with the protective device and give instructions on care and use of the PPE.
    • Know the limitations of PPE, and use it as a last line of defense after designing processes that reduce hazards in the first place.