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    Safety Management

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    Safety Management is a broad category, so think of it as all of the things you can do at a company level to increase the likelihood of employees staying safe and staying on the job. This might be establishing a safety committee, creating trainings for certain tasks, even simply talking about safety in an ongoing and natural way.

    The truth is, safety isn’t accomplished in one day or with any one set of rules. It’s something that everyone gets to work at together – and benefit from – over time. So, feel free to make safety a goal that you work on gradually, with responsibilities that you share. It’s likely that starting small and involving more people in the process will produce more sustainable practices for the long run.

    Getting Started:

    stockpile of traffic conesCreating a “culture of safety” can sound overwhelming. So keep first things first by reducing the immediate chance for injury among your employees in their current tasks. Doing so starts with a risk assessment; performing a risk assessment means asking yourself three basic questions:

      1. What are we going to do?

      1. How could we get hurt or damage equipment?

      1. How can we prevent those injuries or damage?

    You might be surprised what those questions reveal about the immediate safety challenges and the solutions they uncover. What’s more, in the process, you’ll be on your way to conveying that safety matters in your business. And that is the start of building a culture of safety.