The Safety Culture Act enacted by the 1993 Montana State Legislature encourages employees and employers to come together to create and implement a workplace safety philosophy. It is the intent of the act to raise workplace safety to a preeminent position in the minds of all Montana’s workers and employers.

Six Basic Requirements of the Act

  • New-employee safety orientation.
  • Task-specific safety training.
  • Refresher safety training, on a regular schedule.
  • Safety awareness promotion.
  • Self-inspection.
  • Documentation of above.

Requirements for Employers With More Than Five Employees

  • Safety responsibility / accountability.
  • Incident investigation and reporting.
  • Safety committee creation with these requirements:
    • Employer and employee representatives.
    • Employee members who are volunteers or elected by their peers.
    • Regularly scheduled meetings, held at least every four months.
    • Tasked with assisting the employer in fact-finding.

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