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    Remote Work

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    There’s no question, the definition of “workplace” has changed over the past few years. In all kinds of industries, many workers are doing their jobs remotely; and it’s a change that’s here to stay. It’s also a change that presents new safety challenges, ones we might not have considered when we first hurriedly created these work spaces. Take some time to assess and upgrade your remote work setup – not just your ergonomics, but electrical hazards and clutter, even your plan to take breaks and stay connected to others. Our videos, assessment tools and other resources can help you build a workplace that’s healthy – physically and mentally – for the long run.

    Getting Started:

    friends having coffeeAlong with tackling your lighting and your monitor’s height, don’t overlook the less tangible parts of a healthy remote work setup. One of the most important is staying connected to others – not a problem when we worked in traditional offices. Here are some ways to be intentional about being a co-worker, even from a distance.

    1. Plan some regular (and recurring!) in-person meetings onsite or even at a coffee shop. No technology can completely replace the value of it.
    2. Speak up! Even if you’re wearing sweatpants during your online meeting, contribute to the conversation. The team needs your input, and it’ll do you good too.
    3. Schedule a review with your supervisor, and do it in person if possible. It’s an essential part of seeing your contribution to the whole of the company.
    4. Make some downtime plans with co-workers. Go to lunch. Take a walk. Grab a froyo. We took these things for granted when we could do them spontaneously. But they’re even more valuable now, and worth planning.