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    Ladder Safety

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    It turns out you don’t actually have to walk under a ladder for it to be bad luck. Using ladders, scaffolding and scissor lifts – and even step stools – improperly can be dangerous, even deadly. In fact, 6,000 people die each year in this country from accidents involving ladders.

    There are five steps that you should take before stepping on a ladder: select the right ladder, inspect the ladder’s condition, choose the right location for setup, climb cautiously, and maintain three points of contact at all times.

    A ladder is a valuable tool for getting the job done. Get it done. Use the right ladder. Safely.

    Getting Started:

    person walking up ladderMaking the right choice between ladders – step stool, stepladder, extension ladder, or even scaffolding or scissor lift – is key to preventing injury. (The resources below can help you get comfortable making that determination quickly through the workday.)

    In the meantime, here’s a tip: every ladder comes labeled with two important specifications – the highest standing level for that ladder and the duty rating, which is the total weight that ladder can safety support. These two things vary widely across ladders on the market, so check for this label as you determine the right equipment for the job and, more importantly, the worker tackling it.