Workplace injuries can be quite serious and debilitating. It isn’t as easy as just sitting home and collecting workers’ comp.

Reduced Pay:
Workers’ compensation covers just two-thirds of your pay. So if you currently make $500 per week, that’s about to become $330 per week. Ask yourself, will you be able to buy groceries, make car payments, purchase fuel, cover rent and other essentials when you’re making a fraction of what you do now?

Missed Opportunities:
Being sidelined with injury can hurt your career. The average amount of work time lost to injury by young workers in Montana is 17 weeks. That’s a long time. You could miss a chance at a promotion, lose out on a bonus or even lose a seasonal job entirely.

Lifelong Costs:
Serious injuries have enduring consequences. Certain kinds of incidents such as back, brain or eye injuries radically change people’s lives. You’ll spend more on health care. You may have to purchase special needs equipment. You’ll be physically unable to perform certain kinds of jobs. A young worker could easily lose more than a million dollars during his lifetime because of one false move at work.