Your Responsibilities

You know what’s worse than hurting yourself at work? Hurting your buddy. Or the guy who has three kids to support. Each year nationwide thousands of people – innocent bystanders – are hurt or killed on the job. And not because they did anything wrong but because the guy next to them did. Don’t be that guy.

Pay attention to what’s around you.
More than likely, you’re not the only person working in your workplace. So whether you’re driving a forklift, running a table saw or carrying a ladder, be aware that someone else could be nearby. Watch out for them.

Help others work safely.
If you know the safe way to use a chef’s knife and the person next to you in the kitchen doesn’t, say something. Share your safety knowledge. You may keep her from cutting off her fingers. Or yours.

Follow smart safety practices.
Little things are important. Make sure guards are in place on equipment before running it. Don’t take short cuts when handling chemicals. Be smart when you drive by making sure everyone is buckled in and that you’re not texting or otherwise distracted.