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    Young workers are essential, if inexperienced, workers. That presents a unique opportunity for employers. Whether they’re driving tractors, running a cash register or working in any other capacity, young employees risk injury. But when you provide a culture of safety – proper job orientation, encourage questions and provide safety gear – you create habits that may well keep a worker safe throughout his or her entire career.

    Getting Started:

    young woman tucking in bed sheetsThe jobs that young workers hold come with specific safety concerns as well as a need for good leadership to stay safe. While you develop guidelines to protect young workers, train them to keep this simple rule of thumb first: When in doubt, ASK. This is step one. Before you start any task you’re unsure about, remember that it never hurts to ask your supervisor for clarification, guidance or more instructions. If you’re still unclear, say so. Remember, this is the one part of the process that can go a long way toward ensuring safety. Within the first week of work – and preferably on the first day of work – orient new employees with safety basics. Stress that as an employer it’s your responsibility to provide a safe workplace, but that it’s up to each individual to pay attention, work safely, follow rules and ask questions.