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    October 25, 2020

    Department of Labor & Industery (DLI) Fee Schedule Update 2020

    The Montana Department of Labor & Industry (DLI) has published the new Proposed amendments to the Professional and Facility fee schedules.  Hearing information can be found on the DLI website at  Highlights of changes are:

    Base Rates for Facility:

    Inpatient Hospital $8,909.00
    Ambulatory Surgery Center $       92.00
    Outpatient Hospital $     123.00

    Conversion Rates for Professional Services:

    Standard $63.41
    Anesthesia $67.32

    99080 – This code will be used to bill when a provider is responding to the Drug Formulary letters.

    See​ for the July 2020 Instruction Set for the Facility Fee Schedule and for the July 2020 Instruction Set for Professional Fee Schedule.  For any questions, contact Celeste Ackerman at 406-444-6604.