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    August 19, 2020

    Resilience – A Message from Montana State Fund President

    I am quite certain we will all remember 2020 as the year of a lifetime.  The uncertainty that surrounds us due to pandemic, environmental, social and economic challenges can bring fear and frustration into our lives.  Montanan’s are no stranger to adversity and uncertainty.  Our state’s history has been forged out of the raw, untamed, land and many of us enjoy the legacy of those who came before us to make something out of what appeared to be nothing.

    Since 1915 Montana State Fund has worked side-by-side with Montanan’s as our state’s economy has grown and evolved.  Taking care of people injured on the job and the families that depend on them is one of the most important responsibilities we have.  Over the last 30 years I have learned people that successfully faced adversity whether through injury or disease demonstrate a trait many take for granted – resiliency.  More now then ever we need to appreciate how difficult the times are, that it is scary.  Many of our customers have had to shut their businesses down (hopefully, temporarily) due to COVID-19, having to lay-off people that have depended upon those jobs – they are our friends and neighbors.  At the same time people have lost a sense of community purpose and have become divided from one another.

    But, through all of this we see signs of Montana’s resilience.  Businesses that mobilized to support remote work for their employees, redesigning jobs and keeping Montana working.  Leveraging resources to keep supply chains functioning and creatively finding new market opportunities.  Taking care of our neighbors who have been displaced and need a hand up.  We don’t know when things will return to “normal” but we’re not waiting around or becoming paralyzed from fear and uncertainty.  Our resiliency as a community and courage to do what it takes to rise above the circumstances is what provides optimism for better times.  The same better times our forebearers imagined as they turned this untamed landscape into our great state, bouncing back from setbacks and forging on, never losing sight of their dreams.

    Through it all, Montana State Fund’s employees haven’t missed a day from taking care of our customers and their employees.  We have taken steps to soften the economic blow to our customers and ensure injured workers continue to get the best possible medical care.  We have had to be resilient, creative and flexible just like you.   And, we trust we have provided our customers with a sense that we’re in this together as a community and that in good times or uncertain times, Montana State Fund will be there to help them.

    Stay safe.


    Laurence Hubbard
    President/CEO Montana State Fund