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    November 5, 2019

    Rising Medical Solutions/ECHO/Crefuns

    It has been nine months since Rising Medical Solutions (RMS) started reviewing and processing bills for Montana State Fund (MSF).  While we are off to a good start, the following are some of the most common calls we are fielding here at MSF:
    1. Bill Status – when calling for bill or reconsideration request status you can contact RMS at 800-274-7464. Their Customer Success staff will be able to help you with questions regarding bill status, reconsideration request status and payment information.
    2. Check status – MSF is unable to answer any questions regarding check status. Please call RMS for any questions related check or virtual card status.
    3. Crefunds – When a recovery is done on a bill where a payment had previously been made, it will result in an automatic “crefund” from the next payment made. If RMS is unable to recover an overpayment through a crefund, you will be notified of the overpayment and instructed where to send the payment.
    4. ECHO – RMS has contracted with ECHO to process payments after the bill review process. Payments are made via Virtual Card.  If you are unable to accept payments via Virtual Card or prefer to receive an actual check, you will need to contact ECHO at 877-705-4230 and ask to “Opt out permanently”.  They will then make that change for you.
    5. Frequently Asked Questions – are currently being updated with current information and will be available at: