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    June 24, 2019

    Medical Billing

    Work Comp EDI
    Now that we are up and running with Rising Medical Solutions (RMS), electronic billing is an option for those providers who want to switch from paper billing.  To get signed up please call Work Comp EDI at 800-297-6909 or email

    Rising Medical Services has contracted with ECHO for provider payments.  The default payment method under ECHO is the ECHO Mastercard.  Providers can opt out of this method and continue to get paid by check or EFT but you will need to call ECHO directly at (877) 705-4230 or go to their website.

    Please continue to submit bills and records to:
    Montana State Fund
    PO Box 4759
    Helena, MT  59604

    Status Requests/Re-evaluation Requests
    When checking bill status of a current bill or requesting a reconsideration of a bill that has been previously processed, please contact Rising Medical Solutions at 866-274-7464.

    Highlighting Revisited
    If a line or an item needs to be “showcased or noted” on a document MSF recommends that a circle or a line and arrow be used.  Highlighting scans as a blackout so the information cannot be read.  Red ink or pencil is dropped out of any document sent through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanning process.

    Multiple Page Bills
    When submitting a multiple page bill (CMS 1500/HCFA only) with a total on each page, be sure to submit them separately with the corresponding notes attached for each bill.  Submitting these as a group with the attached notes delay processing as the bills are returned to MSF to separate the bills and notes and get them rescanned for processing.  If you want to send them as a multiple page bill, do not total each page, add the total of all bills on the last page and indicate on each bill page that it is page 1 of XX (# of bills) to indicate it is a multiple page bill.