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    August 21, 2018

    Everything We Do Does More: MSF Brand Refresh

    It was the culmination of nearly a year, but on April 30, 2018, Montana State Fund kicked off our brand refresh celebration. With the kick off came a refreshed mission, vision, guiding values and logo.

    These new elements were driven and created by our employees. This refresh is the promise that we make and the reflection of everything we do, everything we say, how we say it and how we do it. It’s our reputation, both in the services we provide and as an employer.

    Our Mission
    We partner with employers and their employees to care for those injured on the job and we champion a culture of workplace safety for our fellow Montanans.

    Our Vision
    To be an indispensable partner in achieving a safer, healthier and more prosperous Montana.

    Our Six Guiding Values (Click for definitions)
    Do what’s right
    Deliver with heart
    Focus on what matters
    Succeed together
    Find a better way
    Take the long view

    In addition, we refreshed our logo. We replaced our former teal color with fresh blues, and highlighted the word Montana in our name. We also eliminated the diamond that formerly surrounded the SF, which now gives it a freer flowing feel.

    We are excited about this brand refresh and look forward to continuing our partnership with our customers and the people of Montana to make our state a safer, healthier and more prosperous to place live. Because in the end, everything we do together, does more.