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    August 19, 2018

    Bill Status/Billing Changes/Resubmissions

    Bill Status
    Please contact Conduent (previously ACS) for Bill Status. Please give 30 days before seeking a bill status or sending in a rebill.  If you are not satisfied with the information from Conduent or have further questions that they are unable to answer, please call MSF.

    ACS/Conduent: 1-888-208-2116 or

    Montana State Fund
    Medical Auditors – 800-332-6012 ext 5011

    Bill Changes
    If a correction is made to a bill, please be sure the mark the bill as corrected, attach a copy of the Explanation of Review (EOR) if it has already been processed and the records if required.  The corrected bill should include any other lines that were billed with the corrected line even if they have been paid.  This keeps the integrity of the bill intact and makes it easier for processing the change.

    Please wait 30 days before resubmitting a bill for processing after the original submission has been sent unless you have already received an EOR. This allows Conduent ample time to process the bill and will prevent multiple bills for the same services from slowing down the processing function.  You can also call Conduent for a Bill Status check prior to resubmission to see if the bill is in review.

    If you are submitting a reconsideration request with additional information or for another reason, please attach a copy of the EOR with the information and/or indicate the reason for the request. Please do not use a highlighter to indicate items or changes as these will scan black.  Use a pen to “circle” or “star” an item you need noted.

    Send the requests to:

    Montana State Fund
    PO Box 4759
    Helena, MT  59604